UltraTape Cleanroom Tapes
High Purity, Cleanroom Certified, Particle Free Adhesive Tapes

Specializing in Adhesive Tapes and Labels for High Technology Industries

UltraTape® manufactures high-quality adhesive tapes and labels using the most advanced adhesive technologies to deliver particle-free, residue-free product to cleanroom environments.

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Tapes and Labels Available in a Variety of Substrates


UltraTape Tape & Label Products for any Application


UltraTape UltraClean
  • Offers the highest level of cleanliness available for today's critical environments
  • Suitable for Class 100 to Class 1 cleanrooms
  • UltraTape's web cleaning system dissipates the static layer, allowing both sides of the label stock to be cleaned

Classic Clean:

  • Offers cleanroom packaging and is ideal for keeping products safe from excess environmental contamination prior to use
  • Suitable for Class 100,000 to Class 1,000 cleanrooms